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TIPS on how to prepare hunting  & fishing trophies for Transport / Shipping in the US and abroad.  Most  guides / outfitters know how to prepare your trophy. 

Below are some guidelines for all hunters & fishermen to use.  ALWAYS contact Backcountry Taxidermy BEFORE transporting / shipping to us for any last minute instructions.

*Our shop, located close to the airports, makes picking up your trophies a breeze !
Shipping Trophies
Transport / Shipping Hunting or Fishing Trophies in the US
Wrap trophy in plastic.

Insulate with 2 - 3 inches of paper is prefered

Mark box "Perishable" & use next day air or overnight.

Contact Backcounty Taxidermy so we know when to expect your shipment.
Please include the following
information  with your shipment

                     TAG / SEAL #
        Email  Address optional
Transport / Shipping Hunting or Fishing Trophies From Abroad - Africa, Canada, Mexico, Etc.
Address Shipment as follows:
Your Name c/o Backcountry Taxidermy
7933 Jewel Lake Rd
Anchorage, AK  99502
*Our shop, located close to the airports, makes picking up your trophies a breeze !
   We can prepare, crate and ship your hunting or fishing trophy to your home or taxidermist.  Contact us  for QUOTE

For International hunters wanting to ship their trophies overseas you will need export permits and an inspection to leave Alaska. We can arrange this for you. Some permits can take up to two weeks to obtain.

CITES  TROPHIES  & PERMITS - For permit requests contact  U.S. Fish and Wildlife 
Make sure hide / cape has dried completely, eyes, lips, and ears have been turned, and all excess meat has been removed from the hide.

DO NOT wrap in plastic!  Place the hide /cape in the box by itself or wrap in paper or burlap.

Skullcaps of large antlers can be split to allow for easier shipping.

Wrap antlers with packing to protect them during shipping.

Use pieces of cut up garden hose over the tines to prevent the tines from poking out the box.

Contact us  prior to shipping Migratory Waterfowl.  Federal Identification Tags must accompany these birds during shipment. 
Backcountry customers only please