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Backcountry Taxidermy has listed some of the necessary hunting / fishing equipment needed in the field to transport and perserve your trophy.  Your guide or outfitter will usually supply this and the field care of your trophy, however, always check what is included and what you should bring.  Backcountry is always glad to answer any questions, just Contact Us .
Hunting / Fishing Gear Checklist
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Your  Personal Identification
Hunting or Fishing Licenses / Tags / Stamps
Firearm Safety Card
Camping / Wilderness Permits
Dan Lewis  (907)  980 - 6423
Flashlight & extra batteries
Small pocket compass
First Aid kit 
Pocket Knife 
Emergency Firestarter / waterproof matches
 A good set of raingear and / or  hunter orange outer wear is a necessity.
  Moose, Elk, Caribou, Bear And Etc.
Perhaps the most important consideration when hunting large game is the animal's size. For instance - An adult moose can weigh from 600 to 1400 pounds, and once down, it will not be easily moved.  A high quality pack frame will be useful for transporting your personal gear, and is a must for packing a bear hide.  A hide may weigh over 100 lbs., and the skull will add 25 lbs.  Please refer to our  Field Care for perserving your trophy.

The appropriate equipment will make this part of a successful hunt much easier. Along with whatever personal hunting, fishing or camping equipment you bring, you should also take the items listed below on your big game hunt.

Rifle which is either 30-06 or larger that will shoot at least a 180 grain bullit 
Sharp, six-inch hunting knife 
Sharpening stone and / or sharping device 
Properly sharpened hatchet, or ax 
100 feet of strong 1/4-inch nylon rope 
Several pieces of paper towels or wiping cloth 
Bone saw 
Cheesecloth or meat bags 
A ground cloth 
Heavy duty Grambel and Pulley Hoist
Pack board(s) or metal framed backpack(s) 
Topographic Maps
GPS system
Waxed "fish boxes"  for shipping meat
Packing tape
A leak-proof container for shipping the hide and skull
10 lbs fine ground non iodized salt  (Refer to  Field Care   for salting hides)
A supply of black pepper  (liberal application of pepper will help to discourage flies)

From the list above, other than your weapon, a knife may be all that needs to be carried into the field if you will be hunting close to camp or your vehicle. Otherwise, you will need to pack your gear along.
Hunting Gear Checklist 
Caribou, Muskox, Polar Bear in the Artic or Hunting Dall Sheep

Along with whatever personal hunting, fishing or camping equipment you bring, you should also take the items listed below. Please refer to our  Field Care   for perserving your trophy.

Panty Hose
Plastic Wrap
Game Shears 
Sharp Knife
Game Bag and / or Strap
Tape Measure
Ice Chest
Plastic Bags


Backcountry Taxidermy can prepare, crate and ship your hunting or fishing trophy to your home or taxidermist.  

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