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Good Field Preparation is essential and will save you money when its time for transporting,  taxidermy and / or tanning of your hunting / fishing trophy.  

Bad field preparation can ruin your trophy and incur unnecessary costs.
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Guides / Outfitters know how to prepare your trophy, however, there are many hunters & fishermen that dont know the best way to perserve their trophy while in the filed.  Below are some guidelines to use.  ALWAYS contact Backcountry Taxidermy BEFORE shipping or bringing your trophy to us for any last minute instructions for the type of mount you want.

When knowing what your hunting for,
take a camera & the necessary equipment  for perserving your trophy.

Dan Lewis  (907)  980 - 6423

Keep bird separated from others.  Carry panty hose and thin wrap  in a game bag to protect bird while in the field.  Panty hose is the best way to keep bird tightly wraped and feathers protected.

Keep bird cool and dry.  Freeze whole as soon as possible.

Do not use paper to wrap bird.  Use thin wrap or some kind of plastic only.

Refer to Shipping/Transport section for shipping directions

Please note:  Migratory Waterfowl  require special tags.  Contact Us prior to shipping about getting these tags.


Do not cut above the front legs when field dressing your trophy.

Cape animal from mid-body forward.  Extra cape is needed if 
wanting pedestal mounts.

Keep animal cool and dry and deliver to taxidermist or meat
processor as soon as possible for caping.

Fish & Game sealing requirements -Most large species (such as bears), the skull must be skinned from the hide and both be kept UNFROZEN until inspected by F&G. 

Capes should only be salted if:  they are skinned off the skull, eyes, lips, and ears have been turned, and all excess meat has been removed from the hide.  If unable to do this, the cape MUST be kept frozen.

Contact your guide / outfitter ahead of time to discuss the care of your trophy while in camp.

Skull plates may be split for easier transportation / shipping.

Please  Contact Us with any questions pertaining to the field preparation of your trophy.

Please refer to the  Shipping/Transport section for shipping instructions.


Small mammals should remain whole. froze solid, and shipped as per the instructions in the   Shipping/Transport Section.

Fish & Game requires that most species (such as bears), you must leave evidence of the animals sex (penis sheath or vaginal orifice).

Larger Mammals should be skinned before field dressing.

 Contact Us for skinning instructions before your hunt to insure use of the proper method for the mount you want.

Follow the guidelines in the Game Head section with regards to the care of the skin while in camp.

Please refer to the  Shipping/Transport section for shipping instructions.


Do not place fish in a wire basket or on a stringer.

Wrap fish in plastic wrap (Reynolds, Saran) first and then in
 a plastic bag.

Freeze solid -  Caution: Fins become fragile when frozen.

Refer to  Shipping/Transport section for shipping directions.

Today, technology has given the taxidermist an edge. And this edge
is helping to preserve our world wide fishery for future generations. 
Most of the taxidermists today specialize in fiberglass reproduction mounts. 

Take a picture of your fish, along with the length and girth to a taxidermist and you will receive a mount that is often hard to distinguish from a skin mount, right down to the scales.   A fish will lose its coloration shortly after being caught. A good color photograph immediately after the catch may enable the taxidermist to duplicate the natural color tones of that particular fish.

Notes: Because of the various diseases that wild game can transmit to humans, always use extreme caution when handling the carcass. Use rubber or latex gloves and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water after handling.
Backcountry Taxidermy can prepare, crate and ship your hunting or fishing trophy to your home or taxidermist.  

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