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Backcountry Taxidermy has always had competitive prices
 We also give a 10% discount on work received from licensed guides and outfitters. 

We use Precision Forms
For Tanning, we use Wildlife Gallery & New Method Tanning
All top of the line materials on all taxidermy
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Expediting includes: Trophies logged in & Tagged, handling of skins, inspected, re-salted if necessary, & arranged shipping.  NOTE: EXPEDITING DOES NOT INCLUDE: Crating, fleshing or, shipping costs.

Additional Services:   Detachable Antlers, Stripping Velvet, Bleach and Stain Antlers, Preserving Velvet, Removing Head, Feet and Toes, Turning Lips, Ears and Nose.

We also do Crating, Shipping and Fleshing:

*NOTE: Multi-piece packaging rates available*

NOTE: on TANNING -- Until further notice we will not be accepting trophies for tanning only.  We will only accept trophies for tanning in conjuncture with taxidermy work.

Insurance appraisals

Trophy cleaning

Backcountry Taxidermy offers several services for hunters and fishermen.  Some are listed, however we also do special requests in order to make your trophies, the best work of art to be envied for years to come.
Our Services