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Artic Equipment / Gear Check List
for Muskox, Caribou & Polar Bear

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Your clothing and gear are extremely important on this type of hunt, more so than any other expedition. Your equipment will “make or break” this trip. The wrong clothing can jeopardize both your trip and your life!
Artic Gear Checklist

* Down parka with fur trimmed hood and down wind pants

* Warm mittens, large enough for inner gloves, heavy woolen shooting gloves 

* Face mask and tinted snowmobile goggles (to avoid frostbite and snow blindness) 

* Fur hat with flaps that tie down around ears and back of neck. You can also use for sleeping.

* The warmest boots made by Cabellas, Timberline or Northern Outfitters. Boots designed for extreme cold with insulated liners. EXTRA LINERS! 

* Heavy sweater or ski-jacket for around camp 
Camp boots, easy to put on and pull off, for around camp 
* Pure wool or wool/polypropylene long-handle underwear 

* 4 or 5 pairs heavy wool socks, 4-5 pairs thinner wool socks 

* Pair heavy wool pants and 2 heavy wool shirts 

* A down-filled sleeping bag rated for –40F and set of wool, long underwear for sleeping 

* Sharp knife and sharpening steel 

* High-quality binoculars 

* Soft-padded gun case for the sled 

* High-powered rifle with 30-40 rounds. (300 magnum with 220 grain bullets recommended) 

ALWAYS check with your guide / outfitter for their recommendation on what gear you will need for the location you will be in.

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