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Hunting has survived the modernization of civilization. In fact, it has flourished into one of the most popular pastimes and hobbies in the world. Unfortunately, one of the world's favourite past times can also be one of its most dangerous. Every hunter should know some basic things before heading out into the fields.  Refer to our  Gear Checklist  for tips on what to take for your kind of hunt.

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CLICK HERE  -- The most important aspect of hunting concerns how to walk and carry a gun. It is important to make sure that the muzzle always points away from the hunter and any companions. There are many ways to do this. One option is the side carry, which is effectively carrying the gun with one hand and tucking the stock between the elbow and the body. It is not recommended to use the side carry when the hunter is walking through dense brush or with other companions walking in front..... 
W e l c o m e

CLICK HERE  -- These days, many of us deer hunters are hunting from above. Hunting from above gives us several advantages, such as remaining above a deer's normal field of view, raising our scent above our prey's nose, and increasing our range of vision. Unfortunately, as the use of tree stands increases, so does the frequency of hunters falling from their perches. I find this disturbing, especially since hunting has long been one of the safest pastimes there is, so here are some thoughts on the subject, with the goal of making the woods a safer place for us all.

Tree stands can be used safely. I've been using both ladder-type stands and self-climbing stands regularly for more than twenty years, and I've never fallen from one. 

Treestand Safety Application For Smartphones  --  A "first of its kind safety device" that utilizes modern technology to aid hunters in the event of a fall from an elevated hunting platform.

There are two types of river crossings 
CLICK  HERE  -- “Type one is you’re going to walk across and type two is the kind you know you are going to be swimming across the river.“Type one can turn into type two real fast.” When that happens, you have to be prepared for it. One of the biggest dangers of hunting, fishing or traveling in  Alaska or anywhere in North America — crossing cold, strong, glacial-fed or rain-swollen rivers. 
CHICK HERE  to read complete article on what to pack to survive any emergency in the wild.

10 Tips for a Safe Spring Turkey Hunt
CHICK HERE  Safety is a key element when you’re in the woods mimicking the sounds of wild turkeys. A safe turkey hunter is much like a safe driver — you must be defensive minded. Also, keep in mind that a safe hunter is an effective hunter.

Lets Talk Turkey - Hunter Safety
CHICK HERE  Wyoming turkey hunters had a perfect safety record in 2010 - CONGRATES to THEM !  How did they do that?

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