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Backcountry Custom Taxidermy has proudly served all of Alaska since 1998. Located in Anchorage, award winning taxidermist Dan Lewis, specializes in Alaska big game wildlife taxidermy with over 45 years experience. 
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Good Hunting ........ Dan Lewis, Taxidermist

SHIP TO BACKCOUNTY: Our shop is located close to the airports making pick up of your trophies a breeze!  (Backcountry Taxidermy customers only please)
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Dan is a great guy to deal with. His work is Superb if you don't mind waiting awhile. We have a beautiful grizzly bear rug.  Alan and I could not be happier and will enjoy this rug for years to come.

We couldn't be happier with the work of Backcountry.  They truly know their craft and execute it with genuine pride.  We had to wait a while but the wait was worth it.  Thanks Dan for everything we love our piece and will always use your services.
Backcountry Taxidermy also specializes in African big game taxidermy and excels in birds and other exotic wildife.

Dan, known for his unique and artistic flare, along with a competitive spirit has earned industry recognition as an award winning taxidermist with realistic & custom wildlife trophy designs. 

Backcountry Taxidermy has always had competitive prices. We give a 10% discount on work received from licensed guides and outfitters.  

We offer special needs like Worldwide EXPEDITING, CRATING and more. We also do Insurance appraisals, trophy cleaning and restorations. 

What to expect from the taxidermist
It can take between nine and 18 months to get a finished product back from a taxidermist. There are several reasons for the wait. 
  • Taxidermy work tends to be seasonal: Two years ago Dan received 16 brown and black bears in just a couple weeks in May.
  • Dan and other taxidermists depend on professional, commercial tanneries to tan the hides.
  • Tanning is another whole business. It takes too much time and space to do both - it takes a big shop to do tanning." Backcountry Custom Taxidermy is a ONE-MAN shop. We may hire on help if we get swamped like we did 2 years ago.
  • A lot of the tanneries and taxidermists get pretty overloaded in summer. A lot of tanneries have three-month turn around, and a taxidermist needs at least another month after they get back the tanned fur."

Whether your hunting & fishing in Alaska, or worldwide, Backcountry Taxidermy (BT) looks forward to creating YOUR wildlife trophy of big or small game into an exquisite piece of wildlife art to be enjoyed and envied for years to come. 
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Dan Lewis  (907)  980 - 6423
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