Hunting Red Deer (Stag) In The USA
Updated December 7,  2010
Hunting Red Deer (Stag) In The USA
The Red Stag is a beautifully majestic animal in the deer family.  The Red Stag, or Red Deer is from Scotland and England originally, but has been introduced to many other areas and thrives in other habitats.  New Zealand is famous for Red Stag hunting, but you don't have to travel 'down under' to experience the thrill of a Red Stag hunt.  The Red Stag is closely related to the Rocky Mountain Elk and will inter-breed with Elk.  The body weight and size is similar to the Elk, but the rack of the Red Stag is often forked and sometimes webbed.  There are usually 12 or more points with exceptional specimens having up to 30 points.  As their name would indicate, their coats are a rusty red in color.  
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There are several red deer farms in Mississippi, and escapes have been reported.  In mid November,  Anna-Michael (11) and her dad Michael Smith were checking cattle on the family farm when they came to a gate leading to a field full of bulls.

"When I looked out there, I saw the big, red buck standing out in a shallow pond," Michael Smith said. "Agricultural officials, who are worried about disease, told us to shoot it or to notify them and they'd send someone down to take care of it. The wind was right so I told Anna to grab her gun and we started stalking it.

"We got to within 150 yards and she nailed it."

The general color of all races of the European Red deer is a rich reddish brown in summer, which becomes a greyish brown in winter. The caudal disc or rump patch is yellowish brown, and there may also be a dark dorsal stripe. Calves are spotted at birth, but after about the second month the spots are barely visible. Traces of spots are sometimes visible in the region of the dorsal stripe on an adult beast.

Current regulations require registration of all exotic livestock facilities. All owners of exotic livestock, including CWD susceptible species, must be permitted by the States Board of Animal Health.

Because the Red Stag, Red Deer thrive in many US environments, there are several Red Stag Hunting Preserves that offer exciting hunts for Trophy Bulls.  Also available are meat hunts for the healthy and delicious flavor the Red Stag.

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Red Deer - is a species that is non-native to North America but is imported as livestock. Its body is bigger than native deer and its antlers have more characteristics of elk than deer.
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